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This is a brand-new design multifunctional portable foldable mobile phone holder lamp, with Selfie fill light, tripod, Bluetooth remote control camera and table lamp functions. Foldable and portable design, very suitable for daily photography, chat, and use in dramas.

Precautions for use:

1: When you receive a new bracket, due to the first use, relatively tight, not easy to open, please put the bracket on the desktop surface, according to the direction indicated by the label, with a certain force to the horizontal direction, instead of pushing down, pushing down, which will cause the product can not be opened and used normally!


2: When you are clamping the mobile phone, please follow the video and product picture clamping position of the mobile phone, should be fixed in the middle of the mobile phone clamping. If the clamp is held at the end of the phone, it will cause too much weight difference between the two ends and cause tilt, which can not be stable. This is not a support problem, but the use of the operation problem, please use normally! [When holding the phone, it is necessary to adjust the normal shooting of the camera in all directions.]


3: The new bracket will store part of the power before leaving the factory, but due to early production, standby power loss will occur. When you receive the product, there is no power to support the normal start of the fill light, please charge before use. In the case of electricity, it is not full power capacity, and the remaining power can be used before charging.


1. Foldable and portable design, convenient to use and carry when traveling or working outdoors.
2. Comes with 3 kinds of color light and 7 kinds of light effect fill light design to meet your various brightness needs.
3. It can be used as a desk lamp.
4. You can use the built-in 1000mah high-capacity battery to charge.
5. Dual-axis 360-degree rotation to meet your various needs.
6. Using the Bluetooth remote control, you can easily take a selfie with one button.

Product name: Multifunctional portable support mobile phone holder lampe
Product number:Phone Holder B001
Bluetooth working range: within 10m
Rated input: DC5V / 200mA
Battery capacity: 1000mah
Remote control battery capacity: 50mAh
Main material: aluminum alloy + ABS + PC
Working temperature: -10°C ^ + 40°C
Support system: Android, i0s
Size: 210 * 80 * 63mm
Stretching length: 1300mm
Net weight: 1116g
Gross weight: 1236g

Package Included:
1X Multifunctional portable support mobile phone holder lampe
1X charging cable

The White Box